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Research subject

Verification of national policies and community-led plans regarding lifelong learning from the East Asian viewpoint

Research outline

This research is aimed at assessing the pilot implementation of the findings from a series of planned research activities consisting of psychology, sociology, and cultural anthropology in this area through seminars and training programs for staff-in-charge and teaching staff of social education and lifelong learning of each self-governing body as well as subsequent lifelong learning plans. The research is simultaneously aimed at assessing the implementation in both policy and practice by ① conducting a comparative verification of lifelong learning policies and practice in Japan and its neighboring countries (East Asia) and ② assisting the new development of community-led lifelong development support and integrated regional talent development plans, including school education. (D01 Principal investigator: Ryuhei Ishiiyama)


  • Principal investigator:
    • Ryuhei Ishiiyama, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education, Tohoku University
  • Co-investigator:
    • Takanori Ueda, Associate Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba
    • Jeongyun Lee, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education, The University of Tokyo
    • Keizo Ueno, Professor, Department of Children’s Studies, Nishikyusyu University
    • Kanae Yamaguchi, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences, Waseda University
    • Kazuhiro Nishikawa, Associate Professor, Common Institutes for Education and Research, Wakayama University
    • Ryuji Koyama, Professor, Faculty of Law, Kanagawa University
    • Dai Matsumoto, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education, Tohoku University
    • Kiichi Oyasu, Director, Education Cooperation Department, Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU)
    • Atsuko Shimbo, Professor,  Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences affiliation, Waseda University
    • SaeYeon Oh, Lecturer, College of intercultural Studies, Kanto Gakuin University
    • Ken Terawaki : Visiting Professor, Seisa University