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AY2021 Publicity offered research ※The information regarding affiliation and position is as of March 2022.

A04 Psychology research related to the mechanisms of brain and mind


A04-L101:Exploring the Value and Benefits of Lifelong Nostalgic Memories: Toward “Memory Investments”
Kentaro Oba (Assistant Professor, Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, Tohoku University)

A04-L102: Conversation of older adults: Analyzing with a multilayered factors model from the viewpoint of resilient characteristics of human conversational skills.
Etsuko T. Harada (Professor, Faculty of Human Science, University of Tsukuba)

A04-L103: Elucidation of the effect of rhythmic motor synchronization with others on cognitive and social functions throughout a lifetime
Masahiro Kawasaki (Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Information, and Systems, University of Tsukuba)

A04-L104: Age-related differences in trustworthiness perception across adulthood: A cross-sectional study of younger, middle-aged, and older adults investigating modulatory effects of task meaningfulness and impression management
Atsunobu Suzuki (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, The University of Tokyo)

A04-L105: Identification of individual developmental and aging differences in brain images and elucidation of causal relationships with biological, psychological, and social factors
Shinsuke Koike (Associate Professor, UTokyo Institute for Diversity and Adaptation of Human Mind (UTIDAHM), The University of Tokyo)

A04-L106: Developmental and aging research on neurodevelopmental disorders to achieve precision aging
Ryo Kimura (Lecturer, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University)

A04-L107: Neural mechanisms underlying the influence of early-life exercise on later-life cognitive function and their individual differences
Toru Ishihara (Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Human Development and Environment, Kobe University)

A04-L108: Basic study for the improvement of attentional function by human brain plasticity
Ryo Teraoka( Research Fellow, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Kumamoto University)

A04-L109: Relationship between olfaction and cognition via olfactory nerve and trigeminal nerve
Sae Uchida (Vice-Chief Researche Fellow, Department of Autonomic Neuroscience, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology )

A04-L110: Age-related changes in brain volume, cognitive function, and well-being: a 10-year longitudinal study
Yukiko Nishita (Deputy Director, National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology)

B03 Sociology research of individual lifestyles interacting with social environment

B03-L101: Research on socialization in old age based on the dyadic interaction
Saori Yasumoto (Lecturer, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University)

B03-L102: A Qualitative Study of the Life Experiences of the Elderly Contributing to Resilience in a Shrinking and Aging Society
Yoshinori Kasai (Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Keio University)

E01 Interdisciplinary research

E01-L101: Understanding the experiences of “ambiguous loss” among family caregivers of dementia in Japan
Tomoko Ogasawara(Assistant Professor, Institute of Liberal Arts and Science, Kanazawa University)

E01-L102: Proposal for “Women’s Lifelong Science” Based on the Reproductive Cycle and Aging and Its Application to Social Participation
Miho Egawa (Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University)

E01-L103: Multidimensionality of older adult’s well-being: Linguistic markers, subjective evaluations, and biomarkers
Masataka Nakayama (Assistant Professor, Institute for the Future of Human Society, Kyoto University)

A04-L104: Examining the effects of life contexts from midlife to old age on cognitive function, physical function, and psychological well-being.
Yasuyuki Gondo (Professor, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University)

E01-L105: Motor control ability as a basis for “being able to do what you want to do”: A lifelong study of anticipatory postural control.
Masahiro Shinya (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Hiroshima University)

E01-L106: What is “age-appropriate independence” for the oldest-old to continue living in the community?
Yoko Eguchi (Visiting Research Fellow, School of Medicine, Keio University)

E01-L107: Psychological research on life career construction counseling based on analyzing dreams during sleep
Eiko Matsuda (Professor, Department of Social Psychology Faculty of Sociology, Toyo University)

E01-L109: Understanding and applying the role of cognitive reserve in prospective memory
Kayoko Miura (Lecturer, Faculty of Humanities, Nagasaki Junshin Catholic University)

E01-L110: Lifelong Learning Methodology for Enhancing Resilience Based on Insights from Life Histories of People with Visual and Hearing Impairments
Takahiro Miura (Chief Research Fellow, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))