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Research subject

Age-related changes in the knowledge acquisition mechanism of the perceptual system

Research outline

Elderly people show preserved performance in the automatic and unconscious level of perceptual/cognitive processing to a certain degree, although they exhibit deficits in several functions, such as presbyopia, presbycusis, and decreased attention. However, such preserved functions are not necessarily realized by the same mechanism as that in the younger people. In fact, even for simple daily performances such as “seeing,” the elderly have been reported to use multiple sensory information for “compensation” of perceptual and cognitive processing than youngsters. The aim of this research is to confirm the existence of such compensation and to reveal its underlying mechanisms. Our goal is to propose methods for maximizing our innate perceptual and cognitive compensation and plasticity and for enriching the lifestyles of the elderly and also all human beings based on research evidence. (A01 Principal investigator: Wataru Teramoto )


  • Principal investigator:
    • Wataru Teramoto, Professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Psychology), Kumamoto University
  • Co-investigator:
    • Souta Hidaka, Professor, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Human Sciences, Sophia University
    • Toshikazu Kawagoe, Lecturer, School of Humanities and Science, Kyushu Campus, Tokai University
  • Collaborator:
    • Akira Yasumura, Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Psychology), Kumamoto University