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Research subject 

Exploration of familial/social conditions for the social participation of the elderly

Research outline

The aim of this research is to examine the social participation of the elderly, which is an important subject in “Lifelong Sciences,” through social surveys. Since the latter half of the 20th century, “the social participation of women” has become an important issue in economically developed countries. However, in Japan, where the birth rate is declining and the population is aging, the advancement of meaningful social participation of not only women but also other social groups is desirable. However, systematic research on social conditions for social participation of the elderly is still insufficient.

Social conditions for participation are necessary even if there are no obstacles in terms of people’s physical and cognitive abilities. For instance, even if women’s physical and cognitive abilities are the same as those of men, depending on the burden to care for their family and their family support system, women cannot be fully active. Similarly, the elderly group should have the conditions that allow them to fully manifest their potential and enjoy their lives. By examining these conditions, we intend to contribute to the subject area of “reconceptualization of life.” (B01 Principal investigator: Junya Tsutsui)


  • Principal investigator:
    • Junya Tsutsui, Professor, Department of Social Sciences, Ritsumeikan University
  • Co-investigator:
    • Saeko Kikuzawa, Professor, Department of Sociology, Hosei University
    • Maki Takeuchi, Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Yamagata University
    • Keiko Tanaka, Specially-appointed Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Keio University
    • Daisuke Watanabe, Professor, Department of Contemporary Societies, Seikei University
    • Yuto Nishino, Specially-appointed Lecturer, Faculty of Health and Welfare, Higashi Nippon International University
  • Collaborator:
    • Nobuhiko Maeda, Professor, Department of Social Sciences, Ritsumeikan University